Tunisian Institutional Reform (Reform) was established in May 2012 with the overall goal to push for institutional transparency and accountability within the security sector in Tunisia while encouraging civil society to take a proactive role in political decision-making and reform through constructively engaging in dialogue with government institutions.  Since its foundation Reform has developed its knowledge and experience on the topic of security sector reform, and has attracted Tunisian and international personnel educated and experienced in human rights, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding.  The organization is now established as a serious actor in the field of security sector reform. Reform has become a representative for civil society efforts to reform the security sector in Tunisia and has participated in regional and international conferences in this capacity. Reform is currently conducting programs on four topics:

  • Capacity building for security forces and civil society
  • Peacebuilding including security forces, civil society, and citizens
  • Research on issues related to security sector reform
  • Awareness and outreach on rights and duties of security forces


Open Society Foundations
Office, Capacity Building, Staff Website: opensocietyfoundations.org
The US-Middle East Partnership Initiative
Office, Capacity Building, Staff Website: mepi.state.gov
United States Institute of Peace
Capacity Building, Staff Website: usip.org


Foundation For The Future
Website: foundationforfuture.org
Institute of War and Peace Reporting
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Lawyers Without Borders
Website: asf.be
Syndicat des fonctionnaires de la direction générale des unités d'intervention