Tunisian Institutional Reform (Reform), a Tunisian non-governmental and non-profit organization pushing for institutional transparency and accountability within the security sector in Tunisia, conducted polls in April and May 2014 to determine attitudes of Tunisians toward the security situation and the security sector. There were two major purposes to this survey: to give a look at the hard numbers behind the general lack of security that is often felt within Tunisia, and to create a benchmark for the Tunisian security outlook that can be used comparatively with future surveys. Three polls were conducted via phone interviews, one in which 2400 people were contacted throughout the 24 governorates of Tunisia. The response rate to this poll was about 60%, and its margin of error is +/- 3%. Two other polls were conducted in the areas of Grand Tunis-Bizerte-Nabeul (TBN) and Gafsa- Sidi Bouzid-Kasserine (GSK), resulting in 461 and 387 answers, respectively. These surveys have a margin of error of +/-5%. All surveys have a 95% confidence level.

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