“Don’t hit me” campaign (Matathrabnich)
In July 2012, Tunisian Institutional Reform conducted a survey about citizens’ relationship with security forces.  The survey discovered that 25% of Tunisians have been subjected to violence by security officers, and that 80% of these victims did not report the violations. The survey also revealed that nearly two-thirds of Tunisians justify the use of violence... Read more »
Training on Law Enforcement actors and Human Rights, Kairouan
Reform arranged a one-day training session in Kairouan in collaboration with Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in Tunisia on human rights and law enforcement. Dr. Ahmed Karroud, a Tunisian sociologist and human rights expert, led the training. 14 representatives from civil society organizations, media institutions, and academic backgrounds participated in the training. This... Read more »
International Conference on Police Reform
After the Tunisian uprising of 2011, transforming the police force from an instrument of repression into an institution fit for a democracy became a priority for the caretaker government. Nearly two years after the fall of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, officials and civil society groups in Tunis gathered to discuss the progress of... Read more »
Participation of Reform in I-WATCH Conference
REFORM association participated on December 19th and 20th, 2012, in the conference organised by I-WATCH and entitled “Security Sector in Tunisia: Status and Prospects”. The conference aimed to resume the police reform initiatives that started after the revolution, and to engage civil society experts as well as the international community through creating a fruitful debate... Read more »
Statistics on Police/Citizen relationship
On 19th October 2012, Tunisian Institutional Reform (Reform) organized a press conference in Belvedere Hotel to present a study about the relationship between police and citizens. These data were collected between 18-23 July 2011 by questioning 401 Tunisian citizens in the area of Greater Tunis. The respondents were chosen randomly and were representative in terms... Read more »
Simplifying and Educating the Law
Popularization is an operation of collecting some laws guaranteeing the rights of security officers as public officials: in the context of emphasizing the security officer need for knowing his rights not only his duties, Tunisian Institutional Reform published a set of laws protecting security officers as public officials and presented these laws in Tunisian dialect.... Read more »