In July 2012, Tunisian Institutional Reform conducted a survey about citizens’ relationship with security forces.  The survey discovered that 25% of Tunisians have been subjected to violence by security officers, and that 80% of these victims did not report the violations. The survey also revealed that nearly two-thirds of Tunisians justify the use of violence by police officers.

In response to the results of the survey, Tunisian Institutional Reform started an awareness campaign called “Matathrabnich” (don’t hit me) with the help of Tunisian artists, athletes, journalists and politicians. The campaign was published online on Martyrs’ Day, April 9, 2013. This day commemorates the Tunisians killed in a massacre in 1938 and those killed during the 2011 revolution.

The main focus of the awareness campaign was a video that featured a group of Tunisian artists and celebrities. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness about police violence against citizens in order to promote security sector reform and reconciliation between security officers and citizens.

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The video received a great deal of publicity through social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. The “Matathrabnich” Facebook page had 9253 followers and the video on Facebook had 71, 232 views. The video of “Matathrabnich” was broadcasted in the TV show “kalam annas”  (people talk) in the Tunisian channgel “Attounisiyya” and several radio stations including “Shams FM” , “Express FM”, “MFM” and the cultural radio.

The “Matathrabnich” campaign was also featured the front page of several daily and weekly newspapers including “Le Temps”.